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How to Push to GitLab

This is mostly a post for me to use as reference because I recently found myself needing to push a project to my self hosted GitLab server but had completely forgotten how to do that from the command line. I use a Mac by the way but the process should be similar on any Linux distro and even windows as…

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Discrete Logic IC's, Electronics, Projects

How do AND gates work?

I’m creating this post as a complimentary article to the discrete 7408 that I designed and am selling on my site. I have always been fascinated how things work down the the absolute core. I was never just satisfied by asking the question, “How does an AND gate work?” and someone basically drawing the AND gate symbol with 2 inputs…

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How to Create a Clonezilla USB stick on Mac OS

Without using any additional software then what’s already on your Mac, you can easily create a USB stick that boots to Clonezilla. Just follow the below instructions and you’ll be well on your way to cloning disks and partitions. First you have to actually download the Clonezilla ISO. If you’ve already done this you can skip this step. Download Clonezilla…

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