Commodore 2364 / 2332 ROM Replacement (Basic / Kernal / Character) Rev 4.0


Revision 4.0 New Features:

  • Can be reprogrammed with additional purchase of programming adapter kit
  • Can be used for either 2332 or 2364 replacement via a solder jumper bridge
  • New and improved profile design for a smaller component package

100% replacement solution for C64 ROM chips

The premium programming adapter kit comes with a ZIF socket. Please see pictures!


This latest revision of my ROM replacement module has just come full circle. Should be the last ROM module you will ever have to buy for your C64.

Its drop in compatible with your C64’s existing 24 pin sockets (please note that if your current ROM chips are soldered, you will need to desolder and install sockets). This uses a 28 pin 8K SOIC EEPROM. The pin configuration for this EEPROM is obviously not the same as the existing 24 pin 2364 / 2332 ROM counterparts so an adapter needed to be designed.

Earlier revisions of this adapter required the EEPROM to be programmed prior to being soldered onto the adapter and be permanently setup with whichever ROM image was programmed to it. This basically kills all of the advantages of having an EEPROM. Revision 4 of this adapter solves this problem in 2 steps.

Number 1, the /WE and /CE pins are exposed and will either be pulled high and low respectively with jumpers for read operation or be connected to the programming adapter for write operation.

Number 2, since the adapter changes the pin layout of the EEPROM a programming adapter is required to reverse this. So I designed an adapter that simply takes the 2 connections /WE and /CE and the rest of the 24 pins and maps them in the original configuration of the EEPROM.

Revision 4 also adds a solder bridge jumper to select if this adapter should be for replacing a 2332 or a 2364 ROM.

You can still order this ROM chip pre-configured with the ROM of your choosing to not have to deal with all of the technicalities of programming it yourself or you can order this along with the programming adapter kit so that you can reprogram the ROM chip as many times as your heart desires.

The premium programming adapter kit comes with a ZIF socket. Please see pictures!



Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
ROM Image

Basic 901226-01, Kernal 901227-03, Character 901225-01, No ROM Image (Blank)

Include Programming Adapter Kit

YES (Standard), Yes (Premium), NO


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