Do you have a classic computer or game console in need of repair?

We might be able to help.

What kind of systems can you repair?

We offer repair services for most vintage electronics such as but not limited to; computers and gaming consoles. Chances are if it was made in the 80’s and early 90’s we can probably fix it.

So how does it work?

Basically, you send your system to us and agree to an evaluation fee. That fee includes return shipping costs, the time to create a “not to exceed” estimate, and the first hour of work. Sometimes, when systems are beyond repair, there may still be some value in some of the components. If this is the case then we would happily offer you a generous amount of store credit. Please have a look at our Standard Service Agreement for all the details.

We also offer a FREE REPAIR SERVICE for select systems and may at times also consider systems not on the list. Please have a look at our FREE REPAIR SERVICE to get all of the details.

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  • The nature of the repair process can sometimes discover other problems that might not have been apparent prior.
  • Original manufacturer warranty stickers will be voided.
  • After repair completion, items left past 3 months are considered abandoned and become property of DIY  Chris.
  • The customer is responsible for the shipping cost to and from DIY Chris
  • The customer agrees to pay the return shipping back.
  • DIY Chris does NOT charge bench fees, you only pay if we fix it.
  • If your device is deemed un-repairable, you can have it shipped back at your cost, or leave it to be recycled.
  • By signing below, you acknowledge the above points and also permit DIY Chris to take & use photos of the submitted electronics for the sole purpose of marketing our repair service on our website and social media sites. No personal information will ever be disclosed.
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