Officially, DIY Chris started sometime around 2018. Unofficially, I’ve been tinkering with electronics since I was a kid. Fascinated by how things work, my parents would often find me taking things apart. I wasn’t always able to put them back together but the fun was always in trying to solve the mystery.

As a company, DIY Chris specializes in retro computing, more specifically in all things Commodore related. We started out by designing a C64 cartridge several years ago and just grew from there. We now spend a lot of time reverse engineering vintage electronics. We create schematics using modern tools while creating a faithful replica of the original.

Apart from reverse engineering, we also design products that complement these vintage systems, sometimes even enhancing them in some way but mostly to offer modern replacements for parts that are no longer available.

As our love for all things vintage and some current electronics, we don’t just design and reverse engineer but also repair and restore vintage systems for others. Our repair service includes but is not limited to computers and gaming consoles both vintage and current.

Thank you for stopping by we hope to see you again soon.

~The DIY Chris Team.