Commodore C64 16KB Cartridge Board v1.0


Perfect for creating your own cartridges for the Commodore C64. If you are including the EEPROM with your order and you want that programmed before we ship out the cartridge then please use the contact form on the Contact Us page to contact us and be sure to include your order number. We will contact you and let you know how to provide us with the BIN files that you’d like programmed onto the chip.

This is a C64 cartridge board that I designed based on my needs and some existing designs available online. The board is configured to work with the W27C512 EEPROM. There are several configurations for purchase available. You can get either just the board, the board with parts, the board with all parts soldered and the board with a blank W27C512 EEPROM chip. One more option, if you want me to program the chip for you I won’t supply images but if you were to send me bin files that you’d want programmed onto the chip I’d be happy to do that for you. This chip can store a total of 4 ROM Cartridge image files and they can be selected by manipulating the A14 and A15 jumpers based on the table on the cartridge.


Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 1 in
Include Parts


Solder Parts


Include EEPROM


Program EEPROM


1 review for Commodore C64 16KB Cartridge Board v1.0

  1. Joe P (verified owner)

    This thing is a gem. I ordered mine with parts, with the EEPROM, but while it was shipping, I read the datasheet on the 27C512 and realized that I wasn’t going to be able to erase it (I bought this so I could write code, flash the EEPROM, make changes, reflash/etc). So, I found that the pinout on the 28C256 that I had laying here was close enough that I could tie A14 high (WE on the 28C256), and use A15 to swap between two images. I was worried that the 28C256’s 150ns read time would be a problem, but it’s working beautifully in my C64C. In any case, assembly of this board took mere minutes, worked on the first try, and is beautifully designed. I will definitely be buying more of these, as I almost damaged my 28C256 prying it out of the socket when my hand slipped (it launched across the room and bent pins on impact, some of them severely).

    • DIY Chris

      Hi Joe, thanks for the review. EEPROM’s are actually Electronically Erasable. So you can in fact erase the EEPROM and write something new to it. There is also the 27C512 that is an EPROM which is Electrically Programmable but can be erased via UV light. Hope this helps.

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