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How to use C64 Cartridge (board only) for 8KB ROM images - V1.1

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I recently purchase two "Commodore C64 Cartridge Board" Ver 1.0, and I received version 1.1 of the board. I would like to create my own cartridge by using a 64K (or higher) capacity EPROM with multiple images stored on it that I can access via the jumpers. This appears to be the same board offered on the "Commodore C64 / 128 Diagnostic / Dead Test Cartridge v1.1", which comes with the following listing information:

Looking for the Dead Test 781220 or the Diagnostic 586220? Look no further. This cartridge comes with a 512Kbit EEPROM that has both the 781220 Dead Test and the 586220 Diagnostic images on it. As a bonus there are still 6 open slots on the EEPROM for more images. Images can be selected by moving the jumpers A13, A14 and A15 based on the table listed on the cartridge. Then just set ROM to HI or LO and either Jump Game or EXROM based on your image need.

Here are the settings for the Dead Test and Diagnostic images:

Dead Test
A13 – LO
A14 – LO
A15 – LO

A13 – HI
A14 – LO
A15 – LO


Can you please help me understand what the GAME/EXROM, LO/HI, and ROMH/ROML jumpers do and how I need to use them? For example, if I had the first EPROM image the diagnostic bin, then the second EPROM image the PACMAN bin, and so on, how would I select between images?

Sorry, but this is new to me as far as storing multiple images on a EPROM and it being on the boards I acquired from you. Version 1.0 gave the impression of being easier to select images.

Thank you for your great products!





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