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Hey there! Quick heads up before we dive in. Many of the links I'm about to drop are Amazon affiliate ones. These links give us a tiny bit of cash to keep things rolling smoothly around here. But hey, I promise we're only recommending stuff we've actually bought and love using. Cool? Cool. Here's the goodies:


Soldering Equipment

Primary Soldering Iron - Weller WE1010NA

Secondary Soldering Iron - Hakko FX888D

Flux Pen - Kester 2331ZX Water Soluble

Flux 1 Gallon (We put this into small squirt bottles to easily distribute) - Kester 2331ZX

Solder - Kester Rosin Core 63/37

Solder Paste - Kester EP256 No-Clean 63/37

Best Desoldering Gun - Hakko FR410

Good Desoldering Gun - Hakko FR301

Hot Air Station - YIHUA 959D

BGA Rework Station - IR6500


Test Equipment

Multi-Meter - Fluke 117

Oscilloscope - Rigol DS1054Z

LCR Meter - DE5000

Temperature Meter - Fieldpiece ST4



Programmer - TL866II



Ultrasonic for Small Parts - EIWEI 3L Dual Frequency

Ultrasonic for Larger Motherboards - EIWEI 30L Dual Frequency

Cleaning Solution - Simple Green Crystal or Generic Ultrasonic Cleaner


And that's the roundup! Just so you know, I swear by these tools. Years of tinkering and they've always got my back. Give 'em a try and see the magic! Cheers!.

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