Reference, Xcode

This iPhone is running iOS xx.x which may not be supported by this version of Xcode

This is more or less for me because I keep forgetting where the repository with all of the device support files is and where the device support files should be placed. If you’re here because you need help with this error then follow the short tutorial below: Go to and find the device support files that Xcode claims you’re…

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Electronics, FPGA, Projects

FPGA on a Breadboard – iCE40HXK1-VQ100

So recently I’ve been fascinated with with FPGA’s and what they have to offer. There almost seems to be an overwhelming amount of options out there and it may not always be obvious which FPGA you should choose. If you’re just starting out then a great choice is the iCE40HXK1-VQ100 which can be had from Mouser or any other distributor…

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Arcade Builds

My Mini Table Top / Bar Top Arcade

So a few months ago my wife suggested that I build an arcade machine from scratch… I like challenges and its something I’d done before so I said sure, we can do that. Out of dumb luck, I was browsing through the Facebook marketplace a few days later and found someone giving away a non function 2005 Golden Tee arcade.…

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Active Directory, Group Policy

Your IT administrator has set a policy that prevents changes to known folders. Please remove this policy and try again.

So I recently stumbled upon this particular issue when I decided to start utilizing OneDrive for Business within our Office 365 subscription to redirect known folders (Documents, Desktop, Pictures) to OneDrive. One of the first articles I read mentioned that if you previously had folder redirection setup in Group policy then you wouldn’t be able to utilize the Silently move…

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