Burning the Arduino Bootloader using the TL866 II Plus

This is mostly just for me to use as a reference but someone else may find it useful.

First things first, here are some files:

Download these 2 files, you’ll need them later.

Next if you’re on a Mac then you’ll need to install the MiniPro software which I’ve outlined in another post at this link.

With the software installed and the files downloaded:

  1. Create a folder somewhere, maybe on your desktop. Name it whatever you want.
  2. Place the 2 downloaded files into that folder
  3. Open a Terminal Window
  4. Navigate to the folder you created

Now issue the following command:

minipro -p "ATMEGA328P@DIP28" -w arduino_atmega328p_bootloader_with_blink_sketch.hex && minipro -p "ATMEGA328P@DIP28" -c config -w arduino.fuses.conf

Press enter and wait for the programming to finish.

Take the AVR out of the programmer and socket it into your Arduino board. You should now be able to compile and upload sketches via the Arduino IDE by choosing the Arduino Uno board and the AVR ISP as the programmer.


  1. Nick - Reply

    Hey Chris!

    Your tutorial helped me to discover config with fuses burn process on MiniPro – great job!

    I was switching in between internal crystal and external, however was stuck on same 8Mhz frequency. Now everything works fine.


    Cheers, Nick

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